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Can lithium batteries be shredded?

2024-04-28 15:59:50

Shredding is a part of the lithium battery pretreatment process, but it is also the most important part, because lithium batteries contain unstable chemicals inside, which may cause fire or explosion. And this step involves the process of destroying the structure of lithium batteries.
lithium battery

1 Battery pre-discharge
Before crushing, lithium batteries need to release as much energy as possible in them, the correct discharge can reduce the danger of the battery in the crushing process. Smoothly use two ways to discharge: a) resistance discharge. b) natural discharge.

When using resistance discharge, we need to choose the right resistance. Calculated according to Ohm's law R= V / I, V is the battery voltage, single battery fluent for 3.2-3.7v. I is the desired discharge current, should be less than the rated current.
Then we can connect the electrodes and discharge, in the discharge process we need to regularly check the temperature of the battery and resistor. Prevent thermal runaway from overheating. The resistor needs to be equipped with an active cooling system in the process of use, so that the heat generated can be emitted in time.
Lithium battery resistance discharge

The other way of discharge is natural discharge. The natural discharge rate of the battery is 1% to 10% per month depending on the characteristics of the battery. Therefore, there is a need for some faster ways to accelerate the discharge rate. A simple method currently used in the industry is to immerse the battery in salt water. Salt water discharge can reduce the discharge time to 1-2 days. However, the batteries need to be fished out in a timely manner according to the queue.
salt water discharge

Through the deep discharge of the battery, the voltage will drop to less than 1V, at this time it is safe to use crushing equipment to break the battery. These crushing equipment fluent fee oil seven intensity and strength control to adapt to different types of size and battery. At the same time, in the lithium battery crushing process, may produce electrolyte (lithium hexafluorophosphate) volatilization. These volatiles may be harmful to human skin. Also, the crushing process generates dust. These dusts come from the positive electrode material and negative electrode material powder of the battery. These gases and powders need to be collected through negative pressure piping into a gas treatment system for harmless treatment.
Lithium battery shadder

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