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Lithium Battery Rapid Discharge Equipment

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Small battery discharge system

As we all know, lithium batteries have great risks during transportation and handling, such as thermal runaway, fire and even explosion. The chemicals inside lithium batteries can react violently, releasing large amounts of heat, when damaged or mishandled.
MaoSafe's small battery discharge equipment consists of two parts: acupuncture discharge machine and cyclic immersion discharge box. The recycled lithium battery will quickly release its power after acupuncture and short-term soaking. Provide a safer processing environment for subsequent processing.

Application areas:

Suitable for safe discharge needs of various small lithium batteries. Especially mobile phone and laptop batteries, or cylindrical batteries (18650, 21700, etc). This device ensures the safety of lithium batteries during storage and further crushing. Avoid the danger caused by chemical instability inside the battery
Operation overview:
The operation of the MaoSafe acupuncture discharge device is straightforward and efficient. Users can easily set needling depth and processing speed with intuitive controls for fast and safe battery discharge. The device is capable of handling large numbers of batteries continuously and stably, ensuring an efficient and continuous workflow.


MaoSafe acupuncture discharge machine:

Xingmao Machinery’s MaoSafe acupuncture discharge equipment has a stable transmission system that can discharge batteries according to a set posture so that every battery can be processed.
After passing through the acupuncture roller, there will be 4-6 small holes with a depth of 2mm on the battery, and these small holes can locally destroy the battery structure, thereby releasing the internal energy. At the same time, the 2mm hole will not cause internal thermal runaway.
MaoSafe is specially designed so that no steel needles remain inside the battery. Compared with the traditional acupuncture process, the purity of the discharged lithium battery is higher in post-processing. And effectively increase the life of crusher and grinder
The intuitive operation of MaoSafe acupuncture equipment makes it very safe for workers to use it. It has a mechanical rapid power cut-off device to effectively prevent personal injuries caused by operating errors.


Needle penetration depth: 1-2mm 

Rated power: 3kW 

Processing capacity: 1 ton/hour 

Applicable battery types: 18650, 21700, soft pack battery