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Japan 1 Ton Lithium Battery Recycling Project

2024-04-17 10:32:32

Japan Lithium battery recycling equipment

Located in Japan, this project utilizes XingMao's latest low-temperature drying system technology. This advanced system effectively increases the purity of the recycled lithium battery products while significantly reducing the residue of metals like aluminum and copper. The project has the capacity to process 1 ton of lithium batteries per hour, demonstrating its efficient processing performance and technical superiority.


Gases and dust produced during the equipment's manufacturing process are collected through a specially designed duct system. This system not only efficiently captures gas and dust particles but also ensures their thorough purification through advanced filtration technology. After a meticulous treatment process, these gases and dust are transformed into safer, environmentally friendly forms, meeting strict environmental protection standards.

Lithium ion battery recycling machine

"We are very satisfied with XingMao Machinery Company's lithium battery recycling technology, as it has enabled us to achieve a more environmentally friendly recycling process. It has reduced the environmental impact while ensuring the effective use of resources."

Lithium battery recycling Plant